Okay, Try It Now

We’ve made the text on this blog a bit bigger, which should improve readability (thanks, Tristan), and text zooming with Ctrl-+ should work now.

Want the text bigger still? Once we’ve established a consensus here, I’ll copy the settings onto the main site. Thanks, everyone.

12 Responses to “Okay, Try It Now”

  1. Briano says:

    Once you’re on the blog, there appears to be no way to get back to the regular site (other than deleting “blog.” in the url, which no one wants to do).

  2. Chris says:

    The site looks great! Love it… text a hundred times better.

    “According to American physicist Philip Morrison: ‘Fermi was the first physicist to my knowledge who enjoyed doing physics out loud walking through the hall.’ He describes an incident when they were walking through the wooden barrack-like structure of the theoretical physics building at Los Alamos Laboratory, and as they walked, the sound of their footsteps reflected off the wooden surface and seemed to bounce throughout. Fermi asked Morrison: ‘How far do you think our footsteps can be heard in this building?’ Fermi then quickly started working out loudly what the yield of sound would be from the impulse, how far that would go, how the wood conduction and air passage would affect the sound, and by the end of the hall he had an answer. ‘Sounded very reasonable.’ says Morrison. ‘And when I tried to recalculate, I got something like the same result – slowly and looking at the numbers over and over again.’ (read this morning in Why Aren’t They Here? by Surendra Verma)

  3. Helena says:

    The new site looks fantastic! Thank you :)

  4. Mark says:

    On the RSS feed in Google Reader, the solutions to problems are now immediately visible.

    Besides that, I really like the new design.

  5. Oi Ofc says:

    Maybe I’m just blind, but I can’t find anyplace to “subscribe by email” on your site. Does that option still exist?

  6. r10pez10 says:

    Text zooming confirmed working!

    • Ellie K says:

      Text zooming in Chrome browser, IE and FF (running Windows 7) all confirmed working. Thank you so much. Futility Closet blog is finally readable for me at 150% with sans-serif default font, set in my browser. I really appreciate this!

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