Serif Fonts

Thanks for all your comments on the redesign. The body text is somewhat larger now, and scalable. The next most popular request is a serif font in the body text. That should be easy to do — I’m just buried under some other work at the moment. I’ll make that change as soon as I can.

5 Responses to “Serif Fonts”

  1. r10pez10 says:

    Thankyou for bringing serifs back!

  2. Greg Ross says:

    Sorry it took so long!

  3. Briano says:

    Serifs are the seraphs of typeface!

  4. Max S says:


    I just found this blog after I emailed about font sizes. Cntr+ and Cntr- are fine for PC’s, but the Kindle Fire doesn’t have that … or it’s not so easy. I can expand the whole site by spreading my fingers apart, but it’s only the post content that I need larger, not the rest of it.

  5. Mandybrigwell says:

    Much better, thank you!

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