Sharing Buttons?

Readers have asked me to consider adding social sharing buttons to Futility Closet posts so that they can share them easily with their friends. I’m willing to try this, but the share-button plugins that I’ve found tend to have large, colorful designs that would look out of place on this site. The most conservative set I’ve managed to find so far is this:

blogger share buttons

But that’s from Blogger, so I can’t use it here. Does anyone know of a WordPress share-button plugin with an appropriately understated design? Or one whose appearance I can customize? Thanks.

Book Design

Oh, also, I suppose I’ll need a designer for the book, as well as a cover designer, though I have a lot of spadework to do first. Here again I’d prefer to work with someone who knows the site, so the design can reflect the tone of the content. Please contact me if you’re interested.

Design Help?

I’m looking for a WordPress theme designer to help tweak the current design of the site. All the elements are in place, but they don’t work together as harmoniously as I’d like, and they don’t really reflect the spirit of the content. To my eye it looks as if the site was assembled rather than properly designed.

The theme doesn’t need a complete overhaul, but I think it would benefit from a designer’s eye. Most immediately I want to improve the appearance of the search and email subscribe boxes, the “click for solution” puzzle boxes, the metadata bars that follow each post, and some of the typography. And (possibly this is a separate undertaking) I’d really like the nameplate at the top to be more distinctive — the paper airplane is great, but using all-caps Helvetica for the title strikes me as generic and unprepossessing. A newcomer can’t really tell what she’s getting.

If you can help with any of this, I’d be grateful to hear from you. Ideally I’m hoping there might be an interested designer who actually reads the site — I’ve been finding it hard to describe the tone to outside designers. Thanks.

Serif Fonts

Thanks for all your comments on the redesign. The body text is somewhat larger now, and scalable. The next most popular request is a serif font in the body text. That should be easy to do — I’m just buried under some other work at the moment. I’ll make that change as soon as I can.

Okay, Try It Now

We’ve made the text on this blog a bit bigger, which should improve readability (thanks, Tristan), and text zooming with Ctrl-+ should work now.

Want the text bigger still? Once we’ve established a consensus here, I’ll copy the settings onto the main site. Thanks, everyone.

Redesign Feedback

This is a thread for general feedback on the redesign. The content and functionality are essentially unchanged — the full eight-year archive is accessible via the same navigation controls (and random-item button) as on the old site, and the feeds (RSS and email) should work as before.

As I mentioned on the main site, the main difference is that I’ve turned off the WPtouch plugin in order to see how well this theme works on mobile devices. I’d like your feedback here: Do you prefer this presentation, which offers more flexibility in using the site? Or would you like to go back to WPtouch? If we develop a dedicated mobile theme, what features would you like it to include?

All other feedback is welcome. As a consensus emerges I’ll address the most popular requests first; we probably can’t accommodate everyone but I do want to hear what you think. If you prefer you can write to me privately at Thanks for your patience during this transition, and thanks, as always, for reading.